Simply Easier Payments is an independent payment service provider ("Service").

By using this Service, you agree to contract with Simply Easier Payments to handle this transaction.

The service fee is an amount charged by Simply Easier Payments to you for processing your payment and forwarding it to the company to whom you have agreed to make the payment.

The service fee is refundable only if the full amount of the payment is voided or cancelled.

Upon completing the transaction, the full amount of your payment is forwarded by the Service to the company you are paying and the transaction is recorded as occurring the moment you completed it. The timely recognition of your payment is one of the primary benefits of using this method of payment as it may help you avoid late payment fees or lapses in service.

The service fee is not a part of the payment you are making. It is a separate charge for using the Service, Simply Easier Payments.

If you decide not to use the service, you may make your payment by mailing a check or using some other payment method and not incur the service fee.

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